Taxi transfer in Pella

  • Pella was founded by Archelaus I (413-399 BC) or by Amyntas III to become the new capital of the Macedonian state instead of Aigai (Vergina). It remained the capital until the overthrow of the Macedonian state by the Romans, who looted it and transported its treasures to Rome. Later the city was destroyed by an earthquake and then rebuilt. According to Xenophon, at the beginning of the 4th century BC. Pella was the largest city in Macedonia. After the violent death of Archelaus, the development of the state is stopped. His great work continued after a few decades, by Philip II, which was not limited only to internal development but focused mainly on the expansion of the political power of Macedonia. During these years Pella reaches full prosperity.
  • Nowadays, during your trip to Pella, you can admire the outdoor archeological site, with the remains of the Roman colony, the early Christian Pella, and the necropolis. Visiting the Archaeological Museum, (located in the northeastern part of the site, in the immediate vicinity of the modern settlement of Pella to the east), you can get a better understanding of the various aspects of everyday life, but also of public life of the Macedonian capital. The exhibits are divided into sections so that you can better grasp your mind around daily and public life, religion and worship, cemeteries, and the Palace.


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