Taxi transfer to Loutra Pozar

Pozar Baths, also known as Loutraki Baths, Aridea Baths or simply Baths, are thermal baths, located near the Loutraki prefecture of Pella, 13 km west of Aridea. These are metal springs, which gush at a temperature of 37 ° C, with remarkable chemical composition. The hot water has a healing effect and is drinkable. Visitors use it for bath therapy, toning and relaxation, while the waters help fight circulatory, respiratory, rheumatic, gynecological and dermatological diseases. The spa town is 3 km from Loutraki and is located in the valley of the stream of Agios Nikolaos. Our company provides you and your family with a comfortable trip. Choose the vehicle, Taxi or Minivan and get to your destination, quickly and safely!
* In case you wish, the possibility of waiting is provided. Take your time exploring/siteseeing ∙ your driver will wait at the agreed point to take you back or continue on to your next destination.