You can inform us about the changes of your reservation, by sending an email to info@vipthessaloniki.gr, as long as it is at least 24 hours before your transfer and the changes do not involve additional charges. If there are additional charges, you will be informed and if you accept them, you can pay them with the payment methods of our company.

You can cancel any of your transfers or your entire online booking by sending an email to info@viptaxithessaloniki.gr Cancellations made with more than 24 hours notice are refundable in full. No refunds for cancellations received less than 24 hours before the transfer time. In any case, you can be informed about the cancellation policy in the terms of use of our company.

Our driver after checking and verifying from the information you gave us (flight number, train number, train, ship) that you have arrived, will wait 30 minutes. If a passenger is waiting for you some luggage we would recommend a member of your company to be with the driver so that he is aware of the delay. In any case, it is good to have open the mobile phone that you have told us so that the driver can contact you.

If you have left an item in the vehicle, please contact us immediately and we will check if the item was found in the vehicle. If the item was found, we will arrange its return or collection by courier.

From the airport

In most cases, our guide will be waiting for you outside the airport check-in room, after you and your passengers have taken your personal luggage from the luggage compartment. The driver will keep a plate with the name of the passenger you told us.

From the train station

In most cases our driver after checking the dock to which the train you have told us will be waiting for you right at the point where your train will arrive. The driver will keep a plate with the name of the passenger you told us.

From the bus station

In most cases our driver will be waiting for you right at the point where your bus will arrive after first checking the dock it reaches. The driver will keep a plate with the name of the passenger you told us.

From the port

In most cases our guide will be waiting for you outside the gate to which the ship you have told us arrives, holding a sign with the name of the passenger.

From a hotel

If you have chosen as your meeting point the hotel where you are staying. Our guide will be waiting for you at the hotel lobby.

From home or personal address

If the meeting point is a specific address, the guide will be outside the number you provided when booking.

Upon completion of the transaction you will be sent an email with a copy of your reservation. It is good to avoid any mistakes to have the booking printed and give it to the driver who will be waiting for you. Also do not forget to take with you the phone number you have stated so that the driver can contact you in case he can not find you.

Viptaxithessaloniki accepts all bookings received 24 hours before the scheduled transfer. In case you want to make a reservation in less time, please contact us at the 24-hour service phone to see if we can satisfy your request.

If you can not find the city / area where your accommodation is located in the drop-down list on the main page of our site, you can easily request a quote and we will do our best to serve you.

There is no extra cost for this transfer. All you need is to let us know during the third step of your booking. The wheelchair must be foldable and can fit in the luggage compartment. If in doubt it is best to book a larger vehicle.

Yes. To satisfy your request, please contact customer service at info @ viptaxithessaloniki and our company will send you the invoice for use within the European Union.

All our drivers are obliged to be informed of any small delays and to wait for you. If the delay is more than 2 hours please contact the 24-hour service line listed on your booking form immediately.

If you are traveling with a pet, please indicate this in the special contact form. In less than 24 hours a representative of our company will respond to your request.

Our vehicles are designed to accommodate child seats for all ages of children. During the third step of the reservation, you are given the opportunity if you do not have your own personal seat to make sure we have the right seat for you. Viptaxithessaloniki attaches great importance to the transport of children so that all permitted safety conditions are observed. Our partners will make sure you have a safe and comfortable trip.

In each vehicle you can carry as many suitcases and luggage as the number of passengers. So if you travel 4 people you can take with you 4 suitcases. These suitcases must not exceed 70cm high, 47cm wide and 21cm deep. Please make sure that the type of vehicle you have chosen is sufficient to carry all your luggage. Otherwise it is better to book a bigger vehicle. Will the point of departure and the point of departure on return be exactly the same as I stated? Yes. All transfers of our company are private and we will transport you and your passengers right in front of the address or hotel you have stated to us. Upon return the driver will pick you up from the same point where he left you unless you have stated otherwise. I would like to carry more luggage than allowed, to carry some sports equipment (ski boots, bicycle, etc.). Is this possible? Viptaxitheesaloniki during the third step of the reservation, allows you to select more requirements such as the above.